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Behind India's First

Paranormal Startup

India's first startup that will be hunting

ghosts and superstitions

The Paranormal Company (TPC) is the first ever paranormal startup in India. With a vision to create awareness in society and busting prevalent myths, blind faith and superstitions, we at TPC want to bring about a revolution in the country and make the subject of paranormal a topic of mainstream discourse. Our goal is to transform the age-old beliefs of a common person and eventually free the society of the horror and stigma that paranormal is usually associated with.


Changing the perception of society about Paranormal is at the heart of TPC. For centuries, a major chunk of our population has been victimized by an irrational belief system about the paranormal which has caused lasting damage to the health and well-being of the masses. Keeping aside the more popular debate regarding the paranormal existence, we want to revamp the belief system of our people towards a progressive understanding of the paranormal. As an organization, we acknowledge our responsibility towards the society and are committed to helping each and every person who reaches out to us regarding paranormal related issues.

who's behind all this?

Jay Alani

About Jay

Jay, the founder and CEO of The Paranormal Company is a paranormal researcher and investigator. A writer and TedX speaker, Jay has dedicated his career towards exploring the unknown and educating the masses about paranormal reality. He believes in the power of knowledge over fear and strives to bust the prevalent myths and superstitions about the paranormal in our country. An ardent supporter of the anti-superstition laws, Jay strongly feels the need to have one common anti-superstition law for the whole nation. Being a pioneer in the field of Paranormal Investigation in India, Jay has an array of accolades to his name. He is the official representative of 14 international paranormal research troops including the prestigious Piedmont-Triad Paranormal Investigations and Grey Wolf Paranormal Networking. Jay has investigated over 60 haunted sites and 130 cases of paranormal activities over a span of 10 years and has previously served as a full-time member of the International Paranormal Research Society. Jay is currently based in Delhi but his profession requires him to travel round the year. Alongside his role as the CEO and Lead Investigator of The Paranormal Company he’s engaged in writing, blogging and creating podcasts. Written by him and Neil D’Silva, a book on his life titled ‘Haunted’ will be launched by Penguin around Halloween this year.